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Welcome to the Italian naturist site Parco del Gargano, a place where spaciousness, nature, honest hospitality and authentic Italian cuisine meet for a relaxing stay.


At a unique location in the middle of 14 hectares of Italian forest, Parco del Gargano has long hosted campers in need of rest. Recently, Maria, her husband Mario, and Maria’s brother Titino have reinvented and reinvigorated this well-known campsite. They have focused on offering their guests delicious Italian cooking, heartwarming care, and plenty of opportunities to rest up.


Their philosophy is that everyone – couples, families, singles, young, old, gay straight, is deserving of an unforgettable vacation. They, together with their staff, work relentlessly to offer such an experience.

Having first-row seats to a beautiful sunset from your tent? Enjoying an amazing ocean view while enjoying a pool swim? Relaxing in comfortable hammocks under the shade of the trees? Enjoying an aperitivo in the evening sun? Hiking or biking in the beautiful nature scenes of national park Gargano? Experience true South-Italian atmosphere while exploring local markets? It’s all possible at Parco del Gargano!


For Maria, Naturism means freedom. Maria receives her guests with southern Italian hospitality, with special attention paid to the wishes of children and tolerance towards adolescents. Everyone should be able to relax and feel “at home” at the park.
This place offers in its own way and with great passion a piece of Italy, featuring a unique landscape, a beautiful view and a warm atmosphere.

The campground

On the grounds is something for everyone: a fantastic pool with views of the sea, a short 2 kilometers away; sunbeds; a playground for kids; lounge areas; table tennis; horseriding; a fitness trail; etc. There are free services like WiFi, use of the stove, freezer, and fridge, warm showers with soap and toilet paper.
If you want to camp, you can choose your own site. There are no fixed campsites. And there’s more than enough space, meaning you can choose to pitch your tent among fellow campers or in a more isolated place. In addition, there are different types of accomodations for rent with their own kitchenette and bathroom with shower.
On the grounds, various animals are kept, including dogs, cats, chickens, cows, sheep, and also horses. Especially children enjoy playing around with these animals.
Last but not least: next to the pool you can find the kitchen and the restaurant. This is the heart of the campgrounds, where guests meet each other, drink together, and eat delicious food together in the evening.

We look forward to meeting you there



The team




House rules