House rules

ill-HuisregelsHouse rules

The naturist campsite Parco del Gargano would like to guarantee everyone a relaxing stay. In order to achieve this, we would request that you respect the following house rules during your stay:

  • Campsite Parco del Gargano is a naturist campsite. Naturism is allowed on the entire premises. For adoloscents, the naturist policy applies flexibly. You may only swim naked in the pool;
  • Guests must have mutual respect for each other.
  • Arrival times are flexible, but please call beforehand if you are going to arrive later than midnight;
  • The reception is open from 10 am-12am and from 4:30pm-6:30pm. Payment can be made with cash or debit card. Payment with credit card is unfortunately not possible.
    On the day of departure, you may make use of your rented accomodation until 10:00.
  • Please do not make excessive noise at any time on the campground. Between 2pm and 4pm and after midnight, silence is requested for a siesta and good night’s sleep.
    Treat the area and surrounding nature with respect and leave the campground clean.
  • Damage to the property can be taken into account on your bill. Trash can be dumped into the bins on the campground;
  • Water is scarce on the campground, so be careful about your water consumption. Do not shower too long so that other guests may enjoy the hot water. It is not allowed to use water to clean cars, motorcycles, or camper vans. Close water taps properly after use and leave the bathing house clean.
  • Open fire and barbequing is not allowed on the campground. Guests can use the barbeque of the campground for a fee;
  • The management is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged goods, or interruption of the electricity supply;
  • The management will not provide information about guests, except in case of emergency.
  • Any complaints or problems will be solved together with the management
  • It is not allowed to make pictures of our guests and children