Jacques and Herb

ervaringen-herb-bJacques and Herb

We first came to Parco del Gargano in May 2016. We were received with incredible warmth. After retiring, we planned to travel through Italy without stopping at any given place for more that a few days. We ended up staying for six weeks and three days.

The feeling of acceptance, and equivalence we experience was truly heartwarming. We feel that is the defining characteristic that elevates this place from other similar campsites.

There is plenty of personal contact between staff and campers, you are allowed to help in the kitchen, and all staff members seemed very friendly. The terrain itself is gorgeous, and designed with love by the owners. When first entering, it felt as if we were entering a fairy tale forest, such beautiful nature. The surrounding area offers many nice villages and other beautiful nature sights.

After fourty years of naturism this campsite would definitely go into our top 2. You can truly find the spirit of equivalence and respect for all that is embedded in the naturism idea.

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Jacques and Herb

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