Joris, Annemarie and Jolien

ervaringen-jolien-bJoris, Annemarie and Jolien

Last spring was our second time at Parco del Gargano. The first time was the year prior, for our honeymoon. Maria had treated us with such amazing warmth that we felt that we have to come back. This time with our newly born daughter Jolien.

Mario and Maria are crazy about children and Parco del Gargano is an amazing place for children: lots of animals: chickens, horses, goats, dogs, cats, a hog, and much more. Mario shows the children how to treat the animals kindly, as the children can pet them and help feed them.

The new expansion of the pool, the paddling pool, also is great for the kids to play in. The nearby sea is also calm enough and is a nice place to go to if you have younger children. The difference with the French campsites we know off, especially in spring, is that it feels like you get to be part of everyday life, it feel like a week of the true Italian family experience.

We got there by flight both times we stayed there, it is certainly worth the trip. We are definitely going to return here!

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Joris, Annemarie and Jolien

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