Simone and Wim

ill-terrein-MG_6841Simone and Wim

Angelo is reason enough to come! He gave us an amazing place. Afterwards we saw him do all kinds of things. He’s worth a lot to us’

Google brought us here

We came here on the recommendation of friends of our who told us it was an amazing naturist campsite in Southern Italy. They told us it was being run by Maria. We googled Southern Italy naturist campsite, Maria, and voila! We are e-mail our friends as soon as possible that they should visit as well Cordial and care-free It’s perfect, completely care-free and nearly no rules. That’s what makes it so amazing compared to other campsites, no numbers, no restrictions. The heartfelt reception: what kind of drink would you like? Take a tasty beer and they’ll come sit with you. We really recommend this campsite; the weather is always nice. We were surprised to find out that it does rain occasionally. Dinner is always a delicious as well as cozy experience, especially when Maria makes the risotto with fruit de mer. I’d recommend people to come here just for that. The fact that Maria mostly does the cooking herself strongly influences the quality of the food. There are also great beaches in close proximity. A quick 3,5 km drive and you’ll be right there. After settling in, it is truly amazing here. We also felt free to keep our things outside and leave everything open since the campsite feels really safe.

Advantages of the pre- and postseason (for retirees)

We especially recommend coming in the pre- and postseasons. If you think the drive is too long, then reaching the campsite by plain is very quick and doable. If you would like to take the car, there are many amazing choices as for routes that take you through the most interesting places in Italy. We were told by friends of our, and would love to pass on the baton for other to enjoy this campsite.

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Herman and Anne

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