Stijn and Maike

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Difficult to leave

It pains us greatly to leave this amazing place full of amazing people. Beautiful spacious campsite with loads of space for children to play, as well as shaded places for adults to relax.

Relaxed atmosphere

The pool area offers comfortable beds to suntan or to have a drink from te bar. The poolside bar is affordable and the food cooked by Maria is downright amazing! The campsite atmosphere is very friendly and easygoing. Animals are also very welcome to the site. Kittens and puppies tend to scurry around in need of cuddling, all well-trained and taken care of. The little lamb at the back of the campsite sometimes escaped when it wanted its bottle. This was an amazing experience for our children.
The campsite also hosted a gas stove and oven, as well as a fridge for guest to prepare their dinners if need be.


The surroundings are also definitely worth visiting. The surrounding Umbra forest has a varied flora and is almost fairytale like. The calming coast and pretty beaches and temperate sea is also nearby. Because the campsite is located somewhat higher, temperatures are more moderate during summer and are great for resting after a day at the beach.
We almost never return to the same campsite twice, but we are definitely returning next year!

Stijn and Maike

Annemieke and Hans

Niels J. Kooijman

Joris, Annemarie and Jolien

Jacques and Herb